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Mar 20, 2013 12:00pm PDT
-- d.o.c. by the governor in 2011. >>> the government is doing its part to cut down on underaged drinking. this st. patrick's day o.p.d. participated in a state-wide dekye operation -- decoy operation. a minor would ask an adull to purchase alcohol for them of if they cost plied -- alcohol for them of if they col plied, they -- if they col plied, they were -- complied, they were cited. >>> spike strips have been put down to keep birds from laying eggs and be. >> i can see them spending $7 million. it may off may not be too much. i would say the cleanup would be an issue of concern for any traveler. >> officials say the pigeon problem is a particular concern at the b.a.r.t. station near the coliseum, the daly city station and the mission street station. >>> tomorrow will mark 50 years since alcatraz closed as a prison. the last inmates left the former prison on march 21st, 1963. the prison normally held about 250 convicts. it's now part of a national park. the san francisco "chronicle" reports a special display of the reports will open in the model industries building on alcatraz
Mar 25, 2013 12:00pm PDT
it's a question of the federal government coming in to legislate in an area that has been traditionally reserved for the states making marriage law. i think it's a very conservative argument that will appeal to more conservative members of the court. then the liberal members of the court will be excited about being able to sort of affirm a commitment to progressive values like same-sex marriage. >> reporter: here's a breakdown of what may happen in the next few days. if the court strikes down prop 8 as a violation of constitutional rights same-sex marriage would become legal nationwide. or the cot can support prop 8, that means the state can decide whether or not to legalize same marriage. the supporters could be found to lack standing. some legal experts think the lower court rulings would stand if that were the case. >>> a berkeley couple will also attend the hearing. they've been together for 13 years and raised four boys. they say they want the same benefits as heterosexual couples do. the heritage foundation said they hope at least the law in california stands. curren
Mar 26, 2013 12:00pm PDT
would think you know? if you're other the age of 55 you don't help us serve the government's interest and regulate and procreation through marriage. >> there were much more spirited exchanges between the justices and attorney ted olson who spoke on behalf of those who support same sex marriage. olson cited other supreme court decisions that affected marriages. >> you suggested that this is uncharted waters. it was uncharted waters when this court in 1967 in the loving decision said that inter- - prohibitions on interracial marriages which still existed in 16 states were unconstitutional. >> it was hundreds of years old and the common law countries. this was new to the united states. >> and what we have here is -- >> that's not accurate. >> i -- yeah i respectfully submit that we've -- we've learned to understand more about sexual orientation and what it means to individuals. i guess the lang wan that justice ginsberg used at the closing of the vmi case is a an important thing. a prime part of the history of our constitution is the story of the extension of constitutional rights to peo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3